Well what do ya know...

Here I was, minding my own business when an idea appeared out of no where. It had been a while since any idea had visited me, so I wasn't at all expecting it, but I welcomed it warmly. The small talk ensued immediately.
"Hello Idea," I said politely. "It's been a while since you last visited me."
"It's been too long," Idea chirped. "I decided to stop by and see if you needed anything from me."
I pondered that, but only briefly. "I do think I could use some assistance," I said with a smile. "I'm can't seem to put all my pieces together. Any concepts you could throw in for me in my struggle to right the first book."
Idea frowned. "I think I've helped you enough in that section. You can definitely finish the rest of your first book. Just use your head. You are so close!"
I mimicked his frown and nodded, defeated.
"But," he continued, "I have a gift for you."
My ears perked up. "A gift? What is it?"
The gift was better than I imagined; it was the plot of my second book laid out before me. The minor details would, of course, come to me as I wrote, but the overall picture hit me in the face like a dodgeball to a nerdy kid.
It's moments like these that I feel like I'm invincible.

The return...

It's been over a year since I began this blog. The first thing I did was post once, and then proceeded to forget entirely that I had made one. There had only been one post, an introduction really, but this is where the good stuff starts.

The mysterious and miraculous powers of the Absolute Write forums have gotten me back into my writing, slowly, but surely. That isn't to say that I'm still stuck on my editing. I've managed to complete twenty five chapters and 353 Microsoft word pages and all I can seem to do is give myself a headache attempting to think about how to tie it all up. Changing ideas after I had finished the frame was better than changing it during the writing process, but that still leaves me with the fact that I changed ideas, and there is one key point missing that will wrap up the package I have here with a pretty little bow. What the plot point is, I haven't the faintest clue, but it's there; it's taunting me. I'll discover it soon enough, most likely when I'm lying in bed, ready for sleep. That seems to be one of my more brilliant times for creativity. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

On a second note, I'm almost done with moving out. Thursday is my last day in my apartment, and while I'll miss living on my own, I won't miss this place. Sure I've had good memories, but the yelling, the music, the children rolling a soccer ball-sized rock down the concrete steps, the man hacking up a lung across from us...they outweigh the good. It will be a relief to actually sit in an air conditioned room in the quiet woods with my family. I think I need this though. I'm not looking forward to commuting an hour to work two or three times a week, but I'll still be saving money and hopefully not worrying about the stresses of having none. Of course, I won't actually have much money for the first month or two. I have too many things that need to be fixed. My car for one is looking like it might go to that big garage in the sky. I'm sure it still has a few more years, but the noises make me worried. It's long past due for an oil change and tire rotation. I need to refill the air conditioning...it has a leak and the air doesn't blow out as cold as it should be. The list just keeps growing, but soon enough, I'll be able to let that wave of relief rush over me when I can say that my list of things to do is gone.
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