It's spring break, and that means...

...I'm more or less doing something like this:

This next week, while I'll also been drowning in that which we call "presentations" and "tests" the week I get back, meaning there will be studying, I do know that I'm not working the entire week. Translation: MOAR WRITING!!!1

Seeing as how our breaks are the same week, me and Sarah have plans to drink ungodly amounts of coffee, drown our ears in Two Steps from Hell, and generally cause chaos and confusion in the human world type away on Lappies. Well, she'll be betaing novels, I'll be writing, but the coffee and music will indeed happen.

As a little side note, just because I'm all sorts of happy, I got an invite to join the group blog GotYA which will be debuting early April. I'm really excited to work with all the rockstar writers again. Their awesomeness...it's limitless.

As a final update, I have (maybe) decided to work on Feral, my dystiopian novel rather than Concealed. While Concealed is still my baby, I feel a bit burnt out on it having written it, partially revised, rewrote it, then started revising again. I'm a decent 55k in, but the beginning now doesn't add up with the rest of the book, nor do I think I want to keep the rest of the book the same. Always-changing ideas and character advancements. Someday soon, I will finish it, but for the time being, I need to set it aside. After focusing for 3 years on these characters, the stress of trying to get it the way I see it is overwhelming. So this Spring Break is dedicated to Feral, which I intend to write lots of. I'm hoping to get at least 1/3 of the way through, if not more. I have an entire week of nothing but writing (with tidbits of studying and getting together with my group for a presentation) and I plan to fully use all of that time.

Teaser Tuesday

So I decided to do a TT today because my blog has been a bit vacant of posts. Between a painful toothache, soreness from work, and a broken car, I haven't exactly been in the mood to write, but I have written a new intro to Feral.

And with that, I decided to post it. Here's the intro. I'm working out the kinks, so it'll have more of a hook next time around.



Music Monday

I decidedly and not-so-secretly stole this from Sarah. I think it's a great idea for the Monday timeslot, and since I'm working on my own daily post schedule, I thought it would add a nice touch. Music is always a huge part of my music. So many songs that I hear are perfect for certain scenes, trailer music, characters, etc...

This Monday's pick is:

NJ Legion Iced Tea by A Day to Remember (cause I'm obsessed with this band)

I adore this song. In so many ways, it just fits into my book Concealed. It's almost a second theme song, or possibly book one's theme song, since my trilogy theme song position has already been filled.

For any that know my Urban Fantasy/dystopian of magic and evil dudes with the jobs of killing the unnatural, this song is perfect. It's like Neira's thoughts to Morrison, or what she thinks, but doesn't say. Either way, its fantastic.

No-Teaser Tuesday

Yup, you heard me. No, I'm not being anti-TT, I just didn't get enough time to write/edit up a piece, especially since I'm conflicted still.

Mainly because of my History 11 class, which is American History until 1877. Normally this class is my sleep aid, but lately, since I've been into the creative mood, it's my Godsend. I can't count the number of times that I'm listening to lecture and suddenly space out thinking, "Oh man, what if this happened instead." or "I wonder what this would be like if it happened now."

Long story short: I have the missing piece of Feral--my YA dystopian. I don't want to give away any details yet, because it's still in the planning process (Ok, I have a general plot, but I don't know how said plot gets to said scenes in my head :P)

Me thinks I need a break from Concealed and the problems I always have with it. The more I try to write it, the more I end up changing it because it's always getting better. With Feral, I'm planning it as a stand-alone. It'll make my brain less fried doing a solo novel.

Sunshine Award/Teaser Tuesday

Awe, I feel all rockstar-ish. The lovely Maddi tossed a little sunshine my way with an award. Of course, I haven't been the best blogger lately, which I've been meaning to fix, but I appreciate it. Tis my first award and I'm all sorts of happy. Thank you for the love!

As a side note, this'll be a loooooong post as I'll be posting a Teaser this week from my new intro to Concealed. I'll be sure to get to everyone's after my next class. Promise!

So here it goes, my picks. And if you've gotten one already, I don't care. You deserve another :)

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. Put the logo within your post or on your sidebar.
2. Share the love and pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
3. Link the nominees inside of your post.
4. Comment on the nominees' blogs to let them know you've just given them props. :)
5. Give a shout-out to the person who nominated, and post a link to his/her blog as well.

Kate: Your blog is ridiculously entertaining. Hilarious pics, helpful tips, and interesting news. I love passing the time browsing.

Kristin: First of all, you = amazing. The fact that whenever one of us feels the need to spam OPWFT with pictures, we almost always appear in the thread saying, "I smell pic spams!!!" Your blog posts are never dull, I lol many times.

Sushi (AKA Sumayyah): I don't need to tell you how awesome you are, but I will. Your sense of humor is amazing to read in your posts and your teasers are to die for.

Amna: Your posts and teasers are so fun. I find myself laughing at one thing or another. I know you've already gotten this award, but here, have another.

Becca: I know you are on a hiatus at the moment, but I'm still giving you an award dammit! :) Your writing is wonderful and you have an amazing personality to top it.

Karla: You are such a doll. Your posts are always interesting and you are always kind to everyone, showering them with compliments and just making them feel good. You deserve the same :)

Jamie: I told you this a while back when you got your agent, but I'm so happy for you. You totally deserve it. Your posts are quite amusing and random, which is why I love them so much.

Laurie: I.Love.Your.Writing. Your guys are always damn sexy and drool-worthy. I'm indeed envious of your sexual tension between characters.

Corey: We have the same TV addictions, which makes you incredibly awesome. Love bantering with you about them and reading your posts, which I can relate to at times.

Inkspatters: You have to get bored of me saying this, but you have an incredible and unique writing style that I just adore with intriguing story lines to accompany it.

Annie: I get a bunch of reading material from you, which is awesome because with all the choices, it's nice to hear opinions of them :)

And lastly:

Sarah: One word: rockstar. I wish my blog was half as entertaining as yours (though we're both bad bloggers :P). I don't need to tell you how much I love your book/characters/smexiness, but being the best friend, I'll tell it all to you again. I also know that you got this award already, but I demand you get another!

And that's mah list. I only did 11 more because of lack of time between writing this and class, but every one of them are amazing writers and people. If you haven't read their blogs, you best do it!

Okay, now onto part two. I decided to do a teaser of the first chapter of my WIP Concealed, which is being rewritten.


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