Because my blog has been quiet...

...and I'm such a fan of LOST...

This makes me DIE ROFLING.

In all honesty, I loved LOST. All the characters were so amazing and the same for the actors. Loved Jack. Loved Kate. Loved Sawyer. Love, love, love.

Just because I make fun of something, doesn't mean I don't heart it :)

Teaserly Tuesday

Posting more of Time Lost. Another makeshift-hospital scene where Sierra recovers from an almost-fatal stab wound.

I'm very excited that it's now summer, which means all I have to do is balance work with reading, writing, and friends. My hope is to have Time Lost written, edited, beta'd, and ready for querying by the end of summer. It's a big goal, considering I already am seeing a LARGE amount of edits to do, but I think it's also a reasonable goal.


Snipped. Thanks for reading!


Another Tease.

Another snippet from my WIP Time Lost. Still loving the story, still loving the characters...especially Leo. *snuggles*




Teaser Tuesday

Another snippet from my WIP, Time Lost, which is an Urban Fantasy 5-book series about a girl, Sierra, who discovers she was born into an eternal society of time watchers who protect the lives and timelines of world-changing people and events (i.e. making sure things happen how they are supposed to happen).

I'm super excited about this series, having abandoned my others temporarily to pursue this one. I'm a good chunk into it, working my way to the scene that I posted part of last night in Friday Night Write (sorry if you read it already. I just kind of love it.)

Basically, it's Sierra--waking from a nearly-fatal wound--and Leo--one of Sierra's best friends--watching over her as she recovers. These two kind of own my heart right now.




Music Monday

So, I've been a very bad blogger this past couple weeks. Finals, work, studying, blahblahblah--it's all taking up my time. But I only have another week and a half before finals are done and I'm into summer!

In the meantime, this week's Music Monday is A Sight to Behold by Eisley--a kickass group of girls who rock indie. This song in particular I have running through my head for my WIP Feral. I think it's rather perfect for YA complicated romances.

Also, sorry about the quality. I actually was making a video for this song with just music and lyrics, but alas, my Movie Maker hates me and kept freezing.


Music Monday

I think I'll start posting one of these every Monday because these are my inspirations. Music plays a huge part in my writing. I can't even do a paragraph without some sort of tune playing in the background.

Besides, this song wedged itself into my head. Thanks a lot, Sarah.

This weeks Music Monday song is This Body Pays the Bill$ by Four Year Strong.

Oh alternative rock, how I love you.

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