Teaser Tuesday 8 :D

I know, I've been a bad AWer. Been so busy with work, family, and friends that I haven't been able to hop on except once in a blue moon. I won't, however, stop posting Teasers for as long as I can help it. That and the group blog are really my only links to AW.

I apologize that I won't be able to read everyone's teasers until late, late, late tonight or tomorrow. Trying to squeeze in as much writing and blogging and lurking as I can get between work.

Anyways, here is an exerpt from Jaded Portal.



I have to post this because I couldn't stop laughing.

For some reason, I have a thing for taking online quizzes. They're just plain fun, albeit completely ridiculous.

So here I am, browsing Twitter, checking out the Trending Topics and I see the phrase "Who's Your Fantasy." Of course I'm looking at this with a raised eyebrow, but I cave in and take a look. It's a quiz. Who's your fantasy boyfriend? Oh no, not another one, I think. But I click the link anyways. Just a mere eight questions asking me about my dream guy. Where would I want him to take me on a date? Beach? Sounds great! What do you want him to have? Facial hair--duh! My mouse clicks around the screen in frantic anticipation to see the results. I don't do it to see what the answer is, but rather what the results say. More often than not, the results are hilarious.

I was not disappointed!

"Your result is....Harry Potter." I proceeded to snort into my cup of juice.

"We don't need to read your tea leaves to know that you are meant to be with the 'Boy Who Lived.'" I snort again.

"Harry makes you feel like you are under a magic spell, and he doesn't have to shout any Latin words to do it." The best mental image of him shouting Latin on a date floats into my mind...

"No matter how many lives your boy wizard saves, he never lets it go to his head." Lol my boy wizard? That's funny.

"He doesn't want to be adored--he just wants to hold your hand at a Quidditch game or take you to Hogsmeade for a warm butterbeer." When has he done that--ever?

"Even when he acts like a regular boyfriend though, you never forget how magical he is." He's going to make me magically vomit rainbows.

"Aww...give his lightning bolt scar a kiss for us." You all have some weird fetishes...really.

Well...that was awesome for a good laugh. I'm curious at what the other quizzes are. Everyone should go here and post their results in their blog. I need some more good laughs :P

Nooo! Why oh why do I have to miss this?!

Tomorrow July 24th at 5pm Willow Bridge Bookstore in my hometown of Oakhurst, CA will be hosting an event. Appearances include:
Jay Asher--author of Thirteen Reasons Why
Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Elizabeth Wales--Owner of Wales Literary Agency and
Stacy Hague-Hill--a Science Fiction/Fantasy editor for Tor Books...

And what am I doing? Working. ARGH!

I would give ANYTHING to be able to attend this event, but having just started my job during its busiest season...yeah, enough said. I am going to try to ask my boss to come into work two hours late, but I'm not sure that will fly.

The event, which continues in Madera, CA on Saturday is a no-go as well as I already promised my step-sister that I would be attending her birthday party at the lake.

It would be so fantastic to meet those people, especially considering the group blog I am involved with, Old People Writing For Teens, has done an Agent Spotlight with Laura Rennert from Andrea Brown and an interview with Jay Asher. I would love to add to those spotlights with information from Elizabeth Wales and Stacy Hague-Hill.

They all sound completely wonderful, which only makes me more sad that I have to miss this!

Teaser Tuesday 7

So I decided to post from Jaded Portals this time, but this scene will actually no longer be in the book. There is a scene in the book that takes up three to four chapters that is getting completely cut. I need to write it for a younger age, and in this teaser, they're 21. Doesn't work anymore now that they are 17, but I enjoy tension, so I thought I would throw this out there.
But I am glad that I am getting rid of those chapters. I honestly can say that I never really liked them except for a few parts. This snippet is alright. Its some of my old writing, so its not very well written. Guess that's what rewrites are for, eh?



Teaser Tuesday 6/Harry Potter 6 thoughts (No Spoilers)

Due to spending 10 hours in line for Harry Potter 6, this Teaser Tuesday post is a bit late. I didn't get a chance to hop onto the lappy.

Before the post, I must say that HP6 was completely fantastic. It was hilarious, epic, very close to the book...it was by far the best one made yet! I was blown away. Normally after seeing an HP movie, I'm not sure if I like it. I'll have to watch it another time to decide. This one didn't even make me pause to think. I need to see it again because it was too amazing, not because I need to decide if it was good. Brilliance. Pure brilliance! 10 hours waiting in the hot sun, $30 spent on tickets and food, a work orientation at 1pm tomorrow...all completely worth it. If you are a fan of the book, I don't think this will disappoint!

Anyways, here's a post from Feral, my second WIP. Sorry I haven't read any teasers yet. I'll get around to it after work :)
By the way, all typos on the word 'elevator' are intentional. It's a little joke with my MC, Samara, who doesn't know what the word is and refers to it differently each time she thinks/speaks it.



OPWFT Blog Post

You heard right. We have the Old People Writing For Teens blog up and running. It just so happens that tomorrow is my day. I won't say what I'm writing about on here, but it's relevant to what I'm doing currently. If I'm doing it, why not suggest other people do it as well. Every little bit of writing helps, right?

Now, I know that I'm not old (me and Sarah being the youngest in the thread at 21 and 20) but the people there are just too amazing. I don't fit into the teens anymore and it just feels more comfortable there. I'm very happy to be a part of this group. They can't be more awesome if they tried :D

Anyways, be sure to check out the blog. It's only been up for under two weeks and we've gotten a decent bit of attention. Let's keep it going!

EDIT: The post is now up under the Writing Tips section. I think it'll fit in there okay...

Teaser Tuesday 5!

Alrighty, you know what day it is. Teaser Tuesday is in full swing. I decided to do another JP teaser, because I don't want to post too much of Feral. I'm only 5500+ words in. Definitely want to save the humor, tension, and intensity for later

Anyways, here is an teaser from JP revised chapter two. I'm pretty proud of the outcome...



Another successful NW

Good news: I'm finally starting my new job tomorrow and Saturday.
Bad news: I miss two night writes.

I must say, I think I'm having major success with Feral. The change of perspective coupled with her sarcasm (which is somehow unexplainably different from Neira's) makes it very refreshing. I've been having really good success with The Jaded Portal and I am in no way not making it my priority, but the burnout from rewriting it has me down a bit. It'll take me a bit to finish the rewrite, and then I have to start the editing process, which is going to be just as big of a pain in the ass. As soon as I finish the rewrite, however, I'll be trekking into Query Letter Hell, a perilous journey into the untamed forests of agencies. It's about as much fun as sticking your hand in a blender...

Anyways, I would say QLH starts in roughly two months, maybe more, maybe less--it depends on how much of JP rewrite I have left to do (which is quite a lot, I believe) and how burnt out I get.

I guess I can only wait and see.

5638 words for Feral and growing.
Jaded Portal has, astonishingly, grown larger with this rewrite. I don't know the exact word count, but I would probably say closer to 103k words over the original 102k. I don't even know how that happened...

Do you ever...

...have one of those moments where you hear a song and a novel or short story pops into your head? It just happened for me again.

Wine Red by The Hush Sound caused me to spur a short story that I'm quite proud of. I have Sarah reading over it. I'm hoping she'll like it. Then again, I like it. I suppose that's all that matters.

It could use some work, but it's not bad for typing it out in two hours, briefly editing, then sending it to her. If I get a good review on it, I think I'll edit it more and then send it to some literary magazines. Hopefully I could get it published. Not looking to Query Letter Hell. Just an FYI.

Okay, going back to the short story entitled Silver, Sarah loved it, which has gotten me all sorts of excited. Her input means a lot to me, not to mention, she's better with all of the literary stuff, having taken several classes for it. Having her like it is the icing on the cake. Next step is editing, and then sending it off.

I might die if it does, just because then I could say, "Hey, I'm technically a published writer." :D
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