Where to start....

No, really, where do I start. I'm actually ready to start writing my new and improved idea (mostly because Neira, Kali, Adarin, and Dayne and threatening to beat me up if I don't write them into something) but I find the beginnings so hard. We as writers have to make it interesting. We have to capture our reader. If you character is sitting in a chair studying, that won't do much for people. If she is studying and suddenly a car crashes into her room, that's a little more intense. To me, beginning is everything when it comes to writing. Doesn't matter how awesome your story gets or how rockin' your characters are, if they can't get past the beginning, it's over.

I suppose all I can hope to do is grab a cup of tea, put on some epic music, and sit my butt down.

Let's do this.


L! said...

nic job!

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Anonymous said...

I never worry about the start when I start writing a story. I just go. Usually I do start with something utterly boring. That's okay. Once I have a draft I look at the opening and anything that isn't necessary is cut. This usually leaves me a more interesting beginning that just needs some refinement.
Good luck with your writing.

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