Seriously, Muse...

...this coming up with massive, plot-changing ideas at 2am really needs to stop. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for this new, intense beginning and overall ideas of betrayal, rebellion, torture, but really--2am?

Actually, this calls for the good news/bad news.

Good news: I'm tying together loose and/or flaky plot pieces. Some things that I was never really happy with--that would be changed when I finished writing anyways--definitely have a new way of happening. For example, when Dayne and Adarin meet Neira and Kali, it isn't in some boring Hey-who-are-you chapter. It's ridiculously dark and almost sad. When the reader is introduced to Neira and Kali, it isn't when they're breaking into a house to raid the food and valuables--it's better. So much better. If I can write it correctly, of course. A lot of the attention is going to the corruption of Morrison and his men, and how Neira and the others live--which is rather terribly.

Bad news: I have so much more to rewrite. Because I've decided to add in these HUGE ideas, this requires a rewrite of half of what I've written, which translates into about a quarter of my novel. In a way, it might not be so bad. I was planning on just condensing all of the stuff I had written already into a less wordy, less boring version. I was never happy with the beginning anyways.

I guess it leads to more good news, which is the new start for characters that I was going to amp up anyways. Character like James and Andrea--who were going to have pretty big roles towards the end--lacked in the beginning. I was going to add more to them. Adarin was very plain, writing him coming out nothing like how I have him in my head. This is his opportunity to shine.

All in all, I'm pretty bummed that I don't get an chance to do actual editing until much later than I thought, but the good overrides the bad. If I can make this new idea as epic as it's playing out in my head, then it'll all be worth it in the end.


Glen Akin said...

Damn, sucks that you have to do add some major chunk into your novel. Same thing happened to me. I wrote my novel, got to chapter 22, which was the second to the last, and then I started getting all these new ideas and fixing plot holes that I was required to add additional chapters and do major rewrites. It's annoying at first, but when you get down to business it's great. Trust me. I'm feeling good at the moment and happy cos my novel is like 100 times better than it was before :D

LM Preston said...

I know dreaming is strong motivator for my ideas. Obsessively so sometimes.

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