TV is invading my head

I love Netflix. Not only am I having DVDs sent to my house every 3-4 days, I can also stream some online. Since I started my subscription, I've been finding all these treasures that I never knew about before. My parents stopped the cable bill and me and Sarah never paid for TV at our apartment, so I never got into many TV shows other than the ones I was obsessed with before like Lost, Scrubs, Family Guy, etc...

Now I'm finding a plethora of amazing TV shows--each one inspiring me to write. My head is buzzing with ideas, and I finally realized the HUGE plot point for the second book. I mean, in the second book I had this kid that my MC Neira has to protect. Sadly, I didn't have the reason why. I knew he was important to Neira because he was important to the Initiative--the branch of the government who hunted down people with magical abilities. I didn't know why he was so wanted though because he doesn't have powers, he isn't a Drifter, but Morrison (Leader of the Initiative) wanted him, so Neira had to get to him first.

Well thanks to the buzzing in my head from the new shows I've been watching, the reason came to me and really, I like it a lot. It fits in perfectly with the idea I had.

Not only that, these shows are helping me to form characters that were lacking. Adarin comes to mind when I think of that. His character is very difficult for me to nail down, though I'm not sure why. I think it might have something to do with the fact that there aren't many guys in my book to divide all of the character traits that I like. Adarin can't be a d-bag, charming, nice, brave, playfully arrogant, actually arrogant all in one. It's choosing which traits that I want him to have the most. I think I'm starting to realize which ones he should have.

I think I give thanks to Darken Rahl and Richard from Legend of the Seeker, and Doctor Who for character development. These two shows are the ones stirring thing up in my head. Both are simply epic, bigger-than-life shows. These are the kinds I really enjoy.

(This hawt.)

(o hai thur!)
TV has even been invading my dreams. Like last night, when I had a dream about me and Sarah having a casual conversations about our books--while doing hand-to-hand combat. Not intentional, but rather practicing. I blame Legend for that. Those fight scenes are so ridiculously epic that my mind has to dream about it.

Let's not forget about the dream I had about zipping around the galaxy with Doctor Who a few weeks back. Nuff said.

Anyone have a TV show that really gets your mind spinning? Do your dreams ever involve them?


Sage said...

I've definitely had television moments that have brought my WIPs into focus. The one I always think of is when I was writing AFTRLYF during NaNoWriMo, and 15 days into it, I was thinking about the season finale of Doctor Who (season 1) and TardisRose having so much power, and somehow I translated that into a scene for the climax that lead to two awesome plot twists I figured out that day. It basically made the book, but reading it, you wouldn't find many actual similarities to the DW scene that inspired it.

Kristin Jr. said...

My sister is crazy-addicted to Legend. Although I think that's partly because of Craig Horner. :D

Leah Michelle said...

@Sage--Yes! That season 1 finale was so intense. I have a really big thing for people who have almost limitless power, which is why my WIP is about people with abilities. My MC doesn't have limitless powers, though she is strong, but another character does have a huge amount of power. Stories with characters like that are wonderful!

@Kristin--Craig Horner AND Craig Parker. Craig Parker is just so ridiculously creepy/sexy/evil that I love every time he's on screen. And I honestly don't mind if Craig Horner wants to get shirtless more often :)

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