One of the more hilarious conversations...

Usually every Monday night, due to getting out of class late, I crash at my friends' apartment. Two computer guys--friends from high school--and one of my two closest friends share the three bedroom apartment. I like to call them my future roommates because once their lease is up at the end of January, I'll be joining their move into a four bedroom house.

The guys are, more often than not, hilarious. Tonight happened to be one of those times that I stumbled into an awesome conversation about Harry Potter and Twilight. It first started off when I mentioned that our group of eight (including them) were going to see Harry Potter 7 at the big 22-screen theater.

This is how the conversation went with the guys.

Me: So, you guys excited for Harry Potter?! I know you are, D. Kaitlyn was just thrilled when you woke her up at 3am thinking last Thursday was premiere night.
D: I read that it was the premiere last Thursday!
Me: That was in London... was still a premiere.
Me: Well, it's THIS Thursday. And we'll be at Edwards Theater.
D: Why that theater? Why not the closer one with no people?
Me: Because we'll miss all the people dressed up as slutty and/or nerdy Hogwarts students.
M: We'll need to dress up then. I'll go as Edward.
D: I'll go as Cedric.
M: Dead Cedric.
D: Then we'll both be dead.
M: No, I'll be undead. You'll just be dead dead.
D: And I'll still be a better actor.
M: You do less sparkling.
D: And still be more entertaining.

I love my future roommates.


Melanie said...

No, I'll be undead. You'll just be dead dead.
And I'd still be a better actor.

hahahaha...very funny stuff.

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