Lemme just crawl out from the rock I've been living under

I know, I know. It seems like it's been months and months since I last posted...oh wait, it has!

The truth is, life is chaotic. Obviously not just chaotic for me, but in general. And those pesky little chaotic chunks are taking over my life. It's been very difficult getting time to even write, let alone do blog posts, but my schedule has become normal, which means I'm no longer the living dead when changing from waking up at noon everyday to walking up at 7am Monday thru Friday.


*cue single ray of sunshine and angel singing*

I have time to write, which translates roughly to, "I can catch up on some blog posts."

But let's not get out of hand. I'm balancing 40+ work weeks with an attempt at a social life on the weekends and writing for 1-2 hours before dinner, shower, bedtime. How people deal with a family on top of that will remain one of the greatest mysteries in the world, because I'll tell you--I have to avoid my pillow like the plague or all hope is lost. In my past, there used to be this thing called "time" and I used to have a lot of it. Now it's elusive and majestic...like a unicorn.

I can promise one blog post will be coming up, and unlike my usual posts, it will be utterly, completely, 100% serious, emotional, and close to my heart. And probably tear-stricken, because after July 15th rolls around, I'll probably be catatonic for a while.

If July 15th didn't clue you in, I'm indeed meaning the end of the Harry Potter movie franchise. It's a post I was intending to do after part one, but I felt it would be better suited for when the series is officially over--book and movie-wise.

A dedication post for the series that truly did change my life, but that'll all be explained in that post. You know what they say: spoilers.


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