Nighttime: My Muse's Muse

It's one of the unexplainable phenomenons , like Stonehenge and Jello.

It's late. Lying in the bed of your cave (or bedroom. Whatever normal people call it.), you close your eyes, attempting to shut down your mind, only to suddenly snap awake. You scramble out of bed and to your roommate's door, knocking quickly because the world will just end if you don't tell them what is so important. Without waiting for an answer, you burst in, waking them from sleep.
"What?" they ask, grumpy from fatigue and being scared half to death from the door slamming against the wall.
"I just had an epiphany!"
Blank stare.
"I know how this section of the story is going to end."
You close the door just as the pillow hits, a smile on your face.

Nighttime writing: the most amazing gift I've ever received. I don't know what it is about the darkness, the quiet, and the growing fatigue that makes my mind race with ideas. I've already laid out my hours of operation, which is mostly from 11am or noon to 3am, leaving me a nice 8-9 hour sleep. A part of me doesn't like feeling that I waste my entire morning, the other half is calling me and idiot because it knows I like the nighttime better. My insulting half won.

Of course, the above story never actually least not that way. When I lived with Sarah, there was no pillow throwing, irritated voices, or blank stars (*snickers* Okay, there were those). Mostly it was calling me a nerd and laughing as I closed the door and went back into my room to reflect on my own brilliance.

For the most part, I'm curious if anyone else is like me--valuing the ideas that nighttime gives, or perhaps you have their more inspirational moments in the morning after you first wake up. Maybe it's in the middle of the day.

Most inspired time to write. Go!


Amna said...

I love writing in the night.

I think it's the silence. Or the feeling that you are the only one awake in the world.

LizPage said...

I get all my inspiration at night the shower. Always places that I can't immediately jump up and grab my laptop. Then I spend the next few hours trying to remember what that brilliant thing was, then I type it our in the morning, when my brain isn't as foggy as it is at night.

Sarah said...

Your beginning scenario cracked me up. Hardcore. Yeah.

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