I have to post this because I couldn't stop laughing.

For some reason, I have a thing for taking online quizzes. They're just plain fun, albeit completely ridiculous.

So here I am, browsing Twitter, checking out the Trending Topics and I see the phrase "Who's Your Fantasy." Of course I'm looking at this with a raised eyebrow, but I cave in and take a look. It's a quiz. Who's your fantasy boyfriend? Oh no, not another one, I think. But I click the link anyways. Just a mere eight questions asking me about my dream guy. Where would I want him to take me on a date? Beach? Sounds great! What do you want him to have? Facial hair--duh! My mouse clicks around the screen in frantic anticipation to see the results. I don't do it to see what the answer is, but rather what the results say. More often than not, the results are hilarious.

I was not disappointed!

"Your result is....Harry Potter." I proceeded to snort into my cup of juice.

"We don't need to read your tea leaves to know that you are meant to be with the 'Boy Who Lived.'" I snort again.

"Harry makes you feel like you are under a magic spell, and he doesn't have to shout any Latin words to do it." The best mental image of him shouting Latin on a date floats into my mind...

"No matter how many lives your boy wizard saves, he never lets it go to his head." Lol my boy wizard? That's funny.

"He doesn't want to be adored--he just wants to hold your hand at a Quidditch game or take you to Hogsmeade for a warm butterbeer." When has he done that--ever?

"Even when he acts like a regular boyfriend though, you never forget how magical he is." He's going to make me magically vomit rainbows.

"Aww...give his lightning bolt scar a kiss for us." You all have some weird fetishes...really.

Well...that was awesome for a good laugh. I'm curious at what the other quizzes are. Everyone should go here and post their results in their blog. I need some more good laughs :P


Kaitlin Ward said...

I'm so taking this quiz now. And I will cry if I get Harry Potter, because I find him annoying! (Wouldn't mind some of the other characters in the book though...hehe.) Your commentary is hilarious!

Sarah said...

Lol that is fantastic. I laugh at you!

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