Nooo! Why oh why do I have to miss this?!

Tomorrow July 24th at 5pm Willow Bridge Bookstore in my hometown of Oakhurst, CA will be hosting an event. Appearances include:
Jay Asher--author of Thirteen Reasons Why
Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Elizabeth Wales--Owner of Wales Literary Agency and
Stacy Hague-Hill--a Science Fiction/Fantasy editor for Tor Books...

And what am I doing? Working. ARGH!

I would give ANYTHING to be able to attend this event, but having just started my job during its busiest season...yeah, enough said. I am going to try to ask my boss to come into work two hours late, but I'm not sure that will fly.

The event, which continues in Madera, CA on Saturday is a no-go as well as I already promised my step-sister that I would be attending her birthday party at the lake.

It would be so fantastic to meet those people, especially considering the group blog I am involved with, Old People Writing For Teens, has done an Agent Spotlight with Laura Rennert from Andrea Brown and an interview with Jay Asher. I would love to add to those spotlights with information from Elizabeth Wales and Stacy Hague-Hill.

They all sound completely wonderful, which only makes me more sad that I have to miss this!


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