Music Monday

So, I've been a very bad blogger this past couple weeks. Finals, work, studying, blahblahblah--it's all taking up my time. But I only have another week and a half before finals are done and I'm into summer!

In the meantime, this week's Music Monday is A Sight to Behold by Eisley--a kickass group of girls who rock indie. This song in particular I have running through my head for my WIP Feral. I think it's rather perfect for YA complicated romances.

Also, sorry about the quality. I actually was making a video for this song with just music and lyrics, but alas, my Movie Maker hates me and kept freezing.


Bri said...

Gosh, I could feel her heartbreak, which then made my little heart break. Not cool! But beautiful writing!

Cory said...

Love this line...I was cracked glass to him. I love Leo!

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